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Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

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" It's a must-have! I use it everyday and it makes my life so much easier. "
Isabella I.
Size Guide

1 x Clothes Drying Rack 

One Fold: 

L: 59cm/23.23", W: 12cm/4.72" 

Two Folds: 

 L: 92cm/36.22", W: 12cm/4.72" 

Three Folds: 

L: 126cm/49.61", W: 12cm/4.72" 

Our adjustable wall-mounted clothesline presents a flexible and compact drying solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Featuring a sleek, foldable design, it's effortlessly installed and perfectly suited for balconies or areas where space is at a premium.

Crafted from robust aluminum alloy, this clothesline guarantees long-lasting performance. Its extendable design offers adaptability in its use, while the range of drying configurations accommodates various requirements, rendering it an efficient and easy-to-use option for all your drying necessities.

Instructions for use

  1. Choose a Suitable Wall Surface:

    • Installable Walls:

      • Smooth Ceramic Tiles
      • Smooth Metal
      • Smooth Marble
      • Solid Wood Walls
      • Painted Panels
      • Smooth Glass
  2. Install the Product:

    • Wipe the wall clean.
    • Stick the product tightly to the chosen installable wall surface.
    • Press the switch to secure the installation.

Enjoy your space-saving and convenient extendable wall clothesline.

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