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Second Skin Bra™

Second Skin Bra™

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" It's a must-have! I use it everyday and it makes my life so much easier. "
Isabella I.

The Best Solution for Discomfort Due to Wearing the Wrong Bra

92% of women find wearing bras uncomfortable. Common complaints include skin irritation, chafing, and pain in the breasts, back, shoulders, and neck. It's a shame, especially considering that this can be prevented by wearing the right bra.

Research has shown that almost all bras provide insufficient comfort and support, leading to painful pressure points, poor posture, and even sagging breasts.

The Second Skin Bra™ is the very first solution to this uncomfortable and common issue. From now on, you will have a perfect fit with great support. As a result, you can finally wear a bra all day without even noticing it.

Results from Women Like You

  • 95% experienced more comfort than with previous bras.
  • 94% noticed better breast support.
  • 90% saw a significant improvement in breast shape.


✔️ No wires, seams, and tight bands - The Second Skin Bra contains no wires, seams, or tight bands, making it comfortable and preventing painful rubbing points.

✔️ Soft and Comfortable - The breathable material of the Second Skin Bra is soft and comfortable. You will feel no discomfort while wearing it.

✔️ Stable Position - The Second Skin Bra ensures support for the breasts, back, shoulders, and neck. The strong elastic material and padding lift the breasts and keep them in place.
✔️ Push-Up - The Second Skin Bra provides a natural push-up effect, preventing the breasts from sagging and also preventing back, shoulder, and neck issues.
✔️ Improves Breast Shape - The unique composition of materials makes the Second Skin Bra the perfect solution against sagging breasts.
✔️ No Visible Back Fat - Due to the wide support band, back fat is not visible.

Note that we recommend ordering one size larger than your normal size.

Due to our campaign, there is currently a high demand for the Graceful Second Skin Bra, causing us to soon run out of stock. Once out of stock, the price will return to the regular price.


Material: Cotton + Elastane + Polyester
Washing recommendation: 30°C, preferably hand wash or the gentlest washing cycle.
Due to elasticity, size may vary by 1-4 cm.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Satisfied customers are our top priority. Therefore, 99.4% of our worldwide customers recommend us.
  • Our products are of the highest quality. Not satisfied with your order? You can return the goods to us within 14 days.
  • We cover the shipping costs every time we deliver your orders, so you always benefit from FREE shipping!
  • If you have questions about your order, our customer service is available around the clock.
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